Our Generation Our future

The future of our country lies in the hands of the youth, they define the direction that we have to take. This is done through the music they produce, the movies they play, and a direct shift of the western culture into ours. They look out for what is fashionable so as to close the gap between the western style and the African cultures. The media has been used as a catalyst in any behavioral change, medias like the television, social medias and the internet have made various information readily available for the Youth to use. Being good at risk taking and adventure, they have embraced almost everything that the African styles are now fading in the Museum and African Crafts shops.

The way that the youth have taken is irreversible. The old regime has got to understand this and maybe embrace that fact. When the old regime does this, they will then realize   in this train, which is acting as guardian Angels that they use our angle of viewing things and then advice accordingly. this will set as at peace with no inter-generational conflicts such as defining when a girl’s skirt is short and when it is long.

To be continued……IMG_20150206_120919_350


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